VR Paint Shop
Virtual Experience, Real Feel

Client's needs

One of our business partners, a car paints manufacturer, wanted to bring trade visitors closer to the complicated, precise process of car parts painting, but without the necessity of building a pop-up paint shop. We achieved the desired effect using Virtual Reality.


For the automotive trades we have come up with an application with a Leap Motion sensor which allowed the visitors to get the feel of car parts being painted just using their hands. Due to the high interest with this solution we prepared another version of this application for HTC Vive VR goggles.

The visitor who had a chance of experiencing how does a job of a sprayer look like could then get the effect of his work sent to his email address.


The whole project turned out to be a great success for our client in the Automotive Fairs! The interest with the stand was very high due to its unique and attractive content. It caught attention of hundreds of visitors of different ages and professions.