The Magic Book

Client's needs

Ferrero company wanted to conduct an educational campaign for kids. They have chosen to do it two ways: analog and digital. The idea of the analog way resulted in editing a traditional book with games, quizzes and stories. Kinderino the brand hero lead the kids through the world of puzzles. The digital part of the project was entrusted to us.


We created a mobile app for Android and iOS with the use of Augmented Reality. Children could play the quizzes and games from the book, do some coloring and play hide & seek on any mobile device.

After going through all the quizzes, puzzles and challenges correctly there was a nice prize for kids – they could take a photo with a virtual Kinderino. This was achieved thanks to Augmented Reality.


The book and the app, along with Christmas activities of Kinder Ferrero with the use of Kinderino contributed to the Kinder brand hero popularization in Poland. Both for the client and for us the use of Augmented Reality in the project turned out to be a great success, which has encouraged us to further explore this subject.