DIGI Table With Great Purpose

Client's needs

PCSS is one of the Polish High Performance Computers Centres. It connects all the universities and research institutes. The center has established a new institution, called FutureLab. PCSS started equipping the lab with new technologies, thanks to which they could convey various researches and educational programs. We were asked to deliver a solution to allow to explore the potential for rehabilitation of disabled people.


We provided the PCSS Futurelab with a 46-inch touch glass DIGI table . Regular DIGI table can be used for any touch application. In PCSS it was all focused around so called e-health.

DIGI table is used to test and develop applications for the rehabilitation of disabled people.


We were very proud to be given a chance to contribute to the research and development of new technologies for such noble purposes as the development of solutions for disabled people's life improvement. Futurelab was established for companies and institutions from Poznan to test and demonstrate innovative solutions. It has become the second most important spot in Poznan for the development of new technologies.