Unforgettable Store Window

Client's needs

Orange company wanted to do something extraordinary to establish an interaction with passers-by of one of company’s flagship stores in Warsaw. There are dozens of neon lights in the surrounding. Hence Orange was looking for a solution which would stand out, attract new customers and innovate the image of the company. The challenge was to find a technology to create an interaction with the public for this innovative company.


We have designed an interactive solution based on an 8 sq. mt. LED curtain. We have also used Microsoft Kinect to provide a gesture control interface. The whole system was mounted on the store window. We didn’t want to disturb the store employees, it was done in such a way that the natural sunlight could still get inside during the day, so it was not annoying for the workers.

Thanks to gesture control technology, pedestrians could create various shapes, which would follow their moves as they were walking or even dancing in front of it, they had a lot of fun with it.


The main goal was to attract pedestrians passing by the flagship store. Thanks to choosing the right technologies and creative solutions the goal was achieved. Pedestrians could not ignore the LED curtain, it was impossible. Moreover the interactive content with gesture control interface provoked a longer interaction with the user. The number of store visitors has increased significantly. The greatest achievement of this project was the fact that Orange company, known for using interactive technologies, proved and maintained its image of an innovative, creative organization abreast with the newest solutions.