Giant Smartphone

Client's needs

Microsoft company wanted to present their new flagship smartphone in an interesting, engaging way during various internal and external business events such as Value Day at Microsoft headquarters, Banking Forum and Europower in Warsaw. The idea was to bring the new device and its app closer to the future users. DT was asked to design and develop an interactive totem in the shape of a smartphone together with an app.


The interactive totem imitated the look of Lumia 950XL smartphone. The screen was 55 inches wide, the whole totem was almost 2 meters high. We developed an interactive app for it which enabled getting familiar with the look and functions of the new smartphone. It was equipped in Microsoft Kinect sensor and gesture control interface.

The totem was equipped with an OCR module, used for gathering text from photos, in this case it was digitally gathering data from business cards.


The totem turned out to be a very engaging and interesting gadget for the visitors of the aforementioned events. It has created the outreach it was designed for. The users could literally interact with new Microsoft product. For the company itself it was a great tool to gather information about visitors, their interests, their preferences about various functions of the mobile app and to recognize potential product buyers.