Modern Christmas Card

Client's needs

Ferrero is one of the global leaders in sweets and chocolate manufacturing. Their most famous children brand - Kinder, with its signature product – Surprise Egg, was looking for a way to engage kids and their parents throughout the Christmas season. They turned to us with an idea of creating a piece of equipment which would enable taking photos and turning them into gorgeous Christmas postcards.


The agency came up with a solution named „Kinderino” shaped like a giant Surprise egg. It was a totem with a touch screen, equipped with a camera and a printer. We developed an app for it. Kinderinos were placed in stores all over Poland.

Children and their parents could take photos and then using the app, they could add frames and turn those photos into beautiful Christmas postcards. Ready postcards could be printed or sent to any email address.


Kinder became second most popular chocolate brand in Poland during that Christmas season. Thousands of children and adults had their photos taken and thousands of cards were sent out to families and friends. The joy of Christmas was widely shared. And this year it had some subtle Kinder branding all over it.