Stary Browar
Very Funny Easter Bunny

Client's needs

When Easter comes, Stary Browar, one of the most creative shopping malls in Europe gets filled with colorful Easter bunnies. It has already become a tradition. But nice decoration isn’t enough for innovative managers of this commercial and cultural hub. That’s why some technology was desired alongside hundreds of little bunnies. Stary Browar wanted not only to greet its visitors with lovely Easter surrounding but also to truly engage customers and their children while they were shopping in this spring holiday time. Therefore the mall has turned to DT with a request to develop an interactive app with 3D model gestures control.


The solution was obvious to us: we wanted people to be able to really feel that spring in our world and hearts, despite the weather outside the mall. And what is the thing we miss the most during long, grey winter time? Colors! An ideal solution would be to fill the world with them, but since that wasn’t an option, we decided to fill the bunnies with colors.

DT delivered a DIGI Totem with a 55-inch screen equipped with Microsoft Kinect and an interactive app, which allowed to paint a 3D bunny model with user’s hands or gestures. The app was developed in Unity 3D. If colors weren’t enough user could play with some other elements to „dress the bunny up”.


This has mostly resulted in lots of great fun the whole families had while shopping in the Stary Browar. The kids, usually bored when accompanying their parents while shopping, weren’t bored this time of the year. It was a great distraction from the regular day. The bunny totem was a perfect way to bond the family members. It has engaged users of all age, but obviously the little ones had the biggest share of fun. The best lesson out of this? Shopping doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to know where to shop. Stary Browar definitely proved itself to be one of the most innovative and interesting shopping centers in Europe.